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We serve all communities in & around Allentown
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Allentown is famous for its greenery, but it becomes a wonderland of snow in the winter. Allentown's snow and ice can take a toll on the residential and commercial roofs in and around Allentown. The weight and moisture from the ice and snow that can last on roofs for several weeks at a time during winter can be a breeding ground for roof problems. Luckily, The Allentown Roofers can handle any roof problem, big or small.

Our roofing company is family owned and operated and has been serving the greater Allentown area for 20 years. We perform roof inspections, roof repairs, roof replacement, roof installations, and new roof construction. Homeowners can choose from various roofing materials, including asphalt, slate, cedar shake, metal, rubber, plastic, tile, and roof coverings.

Are you looking for a roofer in Allentown, Fullerton, Bethlehem, Northampton, Middleton, or Emmaus, Pennsylvania? Call one of our roofing contractors now to schedule your free roof inspection and estimate.

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Roofers repairing a roof in Allentown, PA

Our Featured Allentown Roofing Work

Our Roofing Process Works in Allentown, PA 

The Allentown Roofers has been repairing and installing roofs in Allentown and the surrounding cities of Fullerton, Bethlehem, Northampton, Middletown, and Emmaus, Pennsylvania, for 20 years. We have successfully and consistently delivered quality service because we rely on the following professional process to ensure each roofing project's quality.
Step 1


Before beginning any Allentown roofing project, we provide our customers with a roofing estimate. This is an essential step in any professional roofing services. Our roofing contractors will swiftly and concisely inspect the roof and provide an estimate of what repairs need to be made. The estimate will include the time frame, the labor costs, the materials costs, warranties, and a guarantee of work. Once the estimates are agreed upon, we order the roofing materials.
Step 2


One thing we don’t want is delays in your roofing project. This is why we start the process by ordering the roofing materials. Most shingle types are readily available and are delivered to us right away.  However, some shingles may need to be custom made which could add to the wait-time. Therefore, we prefer to have materials in hand before we start work on the roof.
Step 3


The final step in the roofing process is to install the roof. To complete a full installation, our Allentown roofer company removes the old roof, replaces the underlay and the shingles, replace the gutters, and remove the debris from the premises. We finish with a final detailed inspection of the roof and provide the homeowner with a warranty for the roof repairs.
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed With each shingle we lay!

High-Quality Roofing Types Available for Your Home or Business

When most homeowners think of shingles, they think of the most common shingle type, which is the asphalt shingle. However, there are so many more options available. Below are some of the most commonly used roofing materials.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is the most common roofing material. It is typically made of a mixture of a petroleum base and fiberglass, woodchips, or paper. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work best on roofs with steep slopes. Asphalt usually lasts last up to 20 years.

Tile Roofing

Tile roof is made of clay or concrete and, like asphalt, they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Tile roofs have a high level of hail, fire, and wind resistance, and they are aesthetically pleasing. Tile shingles can last for 50 years. Get in touch with us to speak with a roofing contractor about a tile roof for your home.

Metal Roofing

Metal is becoming a popular choice for roofing material. They come in several patterns and colors. Metal roofs are highly recyclable, making them an excellent choice for customers who want eco-friendly roofing. This roofing material is also fire-resistant, wind-resistant, and lasts up to 40 years!

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake is made of cedar trees and is a roof type that has been around for centuries. It is naturally eco-friendly because it is wood. Cedar shingles have a beautiful finish and can last up to 50 years.

Slate Roofing

Slate has been used in roofing since the 1700s. It is usually made of volcanic ash, which is very eco-friendly as well as fire and wind-resistant. This roofing material can last up to 100 years making it the most durable on the market!

Rubber & Flat Roofing

Rubber roofing quickly is becoming a popular roofing material primarily because it is so durable. It can deflect high-impact hail and debris from the surface. Rubber roofing material is fire-resistant and wind-resistant. This roof typically lasts up to 50 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our 20 years of business, we have heard common questions from customers about roofing. Here are some of the most common questions customers ask about roofs. Or if your question isn't here, be sure to explore our blog for resources.

What is the best type of roof?

The best way for us to answer this question is to inspect your home and determine your needs. Asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material, and it typically lasts 20 years. However, your roof may be made of tile, metal, or some other material which may be more durable than asphalt but also have drawbacks. To determine the “best” roof type for you, contact one of our roof contractors to discuss your options.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

Roof replacement times vary. For asphalt, it usually takes 1-2 days. However, this length of time may be increased or reduced by various factors such as weather, how large the roof is, and hidden problems beneath the surface after removing the old roof. Other roofing materials, such as tile and slate, could take longer to install. To get an accurate estimate of the project's length of time and the costs, contact one of our contractors.

What will my roof repair or replacement cost?

Depending on what needs to be done, charges could be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. The best way to keep costs low on roof repairs is to establish regular roof inspections with us. We will typically come out and inspect your residential or commercial property two times a year, checking for issues so that they won’t grow to significant problems. Contact one of our roof professionals today to set up your regularly scheduled roof inspections.

More About Our Magnificent Roofing Services

The Allentown Roofers uses the best roofing materials available on the market in our roofing projects. However, the real transformation happens when our roofers begin fixing your roof. Our highly experienced team of roof contractors take pride in their skill as we have collectively been providing roofing services for 20 years.

Quick & Comprehensive Roof Inspections in Allentown

A thorough roof inspection tells us a lot about how to proceed with your roofing project. This is also what sets us apart from amateurs. We believe in getting the job done right the first time, so we want to discover all the issues that may be lurking below your roof. Amateurs are usually just trying to make a quick buck at the homeowner’s expense and their roof inspections, just like their roofing work, are sketchy. Don’t trust your roof repairs to amateurs! The Allentown Roofers has been providing roofing services in Allentown and the surrounding communities for two decades. 

Earning your trust is important to us, and we do that by providing you with a straightforward roof inspection. Contact one of our experts for a free quote for roofing services today!
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A roof contractor inspecting a roof in Allentown, PA
An Allentown roofing contractor repairing a roof

Why The Allentown Roofers Should Be Your #1 Choice For Roof Repair

The Allentown Roofers has been in the roofing business for 20 years. Although our contractors make our frequent Allentown roof repair and installation look easy, roofing is not an easy task. It requires a lot of skill and precision, which our roofers have. Roof repair is also quite dangerous. Our skilled contractors not only know how to keep ourselves safe, but we also take the proper safety precautions to keep your property and your family safe.

Do you need roof repairs in Allentown or the surrounding area? Contact one of our professionals now for a free estimate.

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We Go Above & Beyond Roof Replacement Options for Your Home

Should you repair or replace your roof? This is a decision you should not have to make on your own. One of our experienced professionals will inspect your roof and point out the pros and cons of each and help you determine the best choice. If your roof was relatively new when you purchased your home and you have been allowing us to perform regular inspections, then roof repair will probably be a better and more cost-effective choice. However, if your roof was aging when you purchased your home and haven’t been keeping regular inspections, roof replacement may be a better choice. 

Do you want to discuss your options? Contact one of our roofing experts today for a free inspection and estimate.
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Allentown roofer replacing a metal roof
A roof contractor installing a roof in Allentown, PA

Top-of-the-line Roof Installation

The length of time necessary for roof installation in Allentown can vary from project to project.

  • Asphalt shingles - Installation may take from 1-2 days if there are no other significant issues present with the roof
  • Wood shingles - Installation may take 3-4 days
  • Concrete shingles - Can take up to 10 days to install

The size of your roof can cause these estimates to vary. Also, the weather could affect the timeline for the installation too. Regardless of the roofing material or the installation times, we guarantee that you will love your roof after we finish. Our highly trained roofing experts work tirelessly to make sure that you are satisfied. Call today for a free estimate on your roof installation in Allentown.

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Change The Look of Your Home With New Roof Construction

Do you want to convert the unfinished attic into an additional room? Perhaps you would like a play area for children; or, maybe you want to convert your attic space into a she-shed or man cave. Then new roof construction in Allentown may be a great option. Increasing the square footage of your home can add value to your home, especially if you plan to sell it. 

Contact one of our roofing experts about new roof construction options in Allentown.
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A team of Allentown roofers installing a new roof
A commercial roof contractor installing a roof

Why Commercial Roofing Should Be Taken Seriously In Allentown

If you are a business owner or property manager in Allentown or the surrounding areas, it is crucial to have your commercial roof inspected at least once a year. Establishing regular inspections allows us to discover issues before they become significant problems. Since a commercial roof has a lower slope, moisture, leaves, and debris can easily get trapped in the roof and remain there for more extended periods, making commercial roofs more prone to damage. Replacing a commercial roof can be very expensive because the square footage is larger than a residential roof. Establishing regular inspections with The Allentown Roofers increases your commercial roof's lifespan and keeps the repair expenses low.

Would you like to schedule your Allentown commercial roofing service? Call one of our experts today for a free quote.

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About Our Pennsylvania Service Areas

Our roofers in Allentown, PA perform roof inspections, provide concise estimates, and have a variety of roof services, including commercial roofing and roof replacements.  We also have various quality roofing materials for you to choose from for your roof. 

We have been providing quality roof services in Allentown and the surrounding service areas for 20 years.

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