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The Allentown Roofers has been hard at work for the past 10 years, ensuring that the roofs in Allentown and surrounding areas are solid. We provide various services, including roof repair, replacement, and new roof construction in Allentown. We are a top-rated roofing company quickly gaining a reputation as one of Allentown's most trusted roofing companies.

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Reasons You Need New Roof Construction in Allentown

For over two decades, The Allentown Roofers has provided high-quality roofing services in the local area. One of our top-rated roofing services in new roof construction. "New roof construction" generally refers to the installation of a new roof on a building. This can involve the installation of new roofing material, such as asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or slate tiles, or the replacement of an existing roof with a new one. Here are some reasons you may invest in this service:

You've Suffered From A Catastrophe
Have you recently had a tree come crashing into your roof due to a major storm? Or perhaps you've recently had a fire in your home that destroyed most of your roof. You probably need new roof construction. With new roof construction, not only do you get new plywood and shingles, but your roof framework may need to be rebuilt.

You Want to Convert an Unfinished Attic
Some homeowners may have growing families. Instead of moving to a new home, they may decide to finish some of the spaces in their home for more room. In some cases, they may opt to refinish the attic space. Unfortunately, many attic spaces aren't adequate as living spaces. Therefore, our roofing team may have to make changes to your roof so that you can proceed with converting the space.

Roof Construction for a Brand New Home

If you have a brand new home, your roof construction will be a bit different than someone who is replacing an old roof. Trust our Allentown roofers for your new roof installation. We will work with you to choose the right roofing system for your home based on its unique design, location, and climate considerations.

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Your Old Roof May Be Costing You a Lot of Money

Many homeowners are looking for much more energy-efficient solutions for their homes. But one of the most critical energy-efficient solutions is a new roof. The roof covers a vast expanse of the house and is one of the most significant ways that heating or cooling enters the home or escapes it. A newer, reliable roof will keep the temperatures in your house stable, helping you to save on energy.

Your current roof may have cracks that could allow air or water into it. Additionally, pests may be entering your home through your roof. These scenarios could create problems with substantial financial consequences. Instead of being hit with huge repair costs and other bills, our contractors can provide you with a new roof to keep your house safe and secure.

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If You're Planning to Sell, You May Need New Roof Construction

New roof construction in Allentown can be pretty costly. But if you haven't maintained proper upkeep on your home since you've lived in it, it may be a necessary investment, particularly if you plan to sell your home.

A roof inspection is one of the essential parts of a home inspection. While some homeowners only need shingle replacement, others may have significant structural damage. This could include mossy shingles, roof decay, severe hail damage, cupping, rusted flashing, and more. These problems may require new roof construction to correct your roof problem before you can sell your home.

If you're selling your home and discover you have severe roof problems, we can help! Call today and learn more about new roof construction in Allentown and get your FREE estimate. Don't forget to check out our roofing blog. 



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