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About Roof Repair in Allentown

The Allentown Roofers is one of the most respected companies for roof repair in Allentown. We provide a variety of roofing services for both residential and commercial customers. Our contractors also use some of the best roofing materials on the market for quality results you can depend on. Residential customers can choose from various roofing types, including asphalt, slate, metal, tile, and more. For our commercial customers, you can choose from various commercial roofing material options such as PVC, rubber roofing, TPO, EPDM, and roof coatings. If you experience a roofing emergency, we also provide emergency, 24/7 roof repair.

For over 20 years, our expert roofing contractors have provided outstanding roofing services to the community of Allentown and the surrounding areas of Fullerton, Bethlehem, Northampton, Middletown, and Emmaus. We have consistently received top ratings for our excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

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Why You Should Get Roof Repair in Allentown

Many types of roofing materials are very durable, lasting for 20 years up to 100 years. So, for most homeowners, getting a roof repaired may not be a concern for many homeowners for a long time. However, some things may speed up the need for you to have to get roof repair. For instance, if your home doesn't get much exposure to sunlight regularly and you live in a moisture-rich climate, this could make your roof vulnerable to damages. These damages may include roof rot which can cause problems with the decking on your roof.

Another more common form of damage is from the growth of moss, which is a green, plant-like organism that can grow on your roof. These organisms can shoot roots into your roof decking and cause your roof shingles to break and fall off. In addition, the exposed decking underneath can sustain damage from moisture. As a result, you will need roof repair in Allentown to keep your roof from sustaining further damage.

Do you suspect that you may need roof repair in Allentown PA? One of our highly skilled roof contractors can come out and perform an inspection and provide you with a no-obligation FREE estimate on roof repair services.

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Get Your Damaged Decking Replaced to Avoid Leaks

If your roof already has damages, the rainy season can take a toll on it. This is why it is essential that you have a roofing expert come out and look at your roof, checking for damages that can add to long-term problems. It is a good idea to get get your roof inspected at least once a year. However, we suggest that you aim to get an inspection twice a year, preferably in the fall and spring. Having your roof inspected regularly keeps minor problems from turning into bigger ones with larger price tags.

If we inspect your roof and discover that you have several soft sections of your roof, this means there is damage to your roof decking. Moisture may be getting underneath your roof shingles, causing wood rot to develop. As a result, there may be water damage to the ceiling of your attic. Left untreated, these moisture problems could lead to more extensive leaking and even cause partial collapse of your roof.

To minimize this problem, our roofing experts can replace the bad decking on your roof and cover it with new roofing material. So let's get started today with fixing your roof. Call us to schedule your inspection and get a FREE estimate on our roof repair in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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Do You Need Roof Repair After Hail Damage?

Hail is an unusual weather pattern that sweeps through and wreaks havoc on cars, roofs, and just about anything in its path. Sometimes the damage that it causes to roofs is primarily cosmetic. However, sometimes the damages can lead to long-term problems with your roof. For instance, if there is a substantial amount of hail that hits the roof of your home in a given time, it may cause damage to your shingles and could even cause leaks. In most cases, your homeowner's insurance can cover the hail damage, and you may have up to a year to file a claim.

If you have recently experienced hail, it is a good idea to contact the experts at The Allentown Roofers to take a look at your roof. Our highly skilled inspectors can examine your roof shingles, checking for random damage patterns, missing granules, or other impact marks. Then, upon getting your claim filed through your insurance company, we can proceed with your roof repairs. To learn more about roofing, check out our roof blog



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Other Roofing Services Available in Allentown

Roof repair is one of the essential services that The Allentown Roofers provides. However, this isn't our only service. We also offer roof replacement and new roof installation. Our roofing company also offer residential and commercial roofing services. You can also rest assured that we provide some of the best roofing materials available on the market. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection and get your no-obligation FREE quote on any of our spectacular roofing services.

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