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Searching for Reliable Roofing Materials in Allentown in Every Type Imaginable? You've Come to the Right Place!

The Allentown Roofers know the roofing industry, and we only use the most dependable products on the market.

After working with several different roofing materials and types when our roofing company in Allentown was founded so many years ago, we discovered what quality was and what we wanted to deliver to our clients.

We've partnered with the most popular roofing manufacturers in the country, and we're confident in the strength and durability of our selections. Everything we use to do roof repairs, roof replacements, and roof installations are covered by solid WARRANTIES, so there's nothing for you to worry about.

Before you start sifting through the endless options for roofing in Allentown, let us show you what we offer. We promise you'll be delighted. Take a look at some of our previously completed work, and then reach out for your FREE quote!

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The Most Extensive List of Roofing Materials & Types in All of Allentown!

Asphalt Shingle Roofing for Allentown Homes & Businesses

Traditional asphalt shingle roofing in Allentown comes with a variety of benefits. If your current roof is constructed with asphalt shingles, it's likely you'll want to do a roof replacement of the same element. It's affordable, resilient, and lasts for up to 20 years.

If your roof needs repair, we have the products on hand to get it done quickly. We can do asphalt shingle roof services fast because it's the most popular choice.

Learn more about the endless color selections and texture types when you call our team.

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finished asphalt roofing replacement in Allentown
slate roofing installation done in Allentown

Slate Roofing That Elevates Curb Appeal & Value

When moisture and mold are something you're concerned about, slate roofing in Allentown is the solution. This material is resistant to water which also helps with frost and other damages that are caused by freezing temperatures.

As an added bonus, slate is fire-resistant, so it protects your structure in the rare chance that something catastrophic occurs. When installed by our expert roofers, this roofing material is expected to last for up to 200 years! How's that for peace of mind?

If you already have a slate roof and you're looking for a roofing company in Allentown to repair it, we're the name you can trust.

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Cedar Shake Roofing in Allentown: Have You Considered It?

There's something about a cedar shake roof in Allentown that will really make you proud of your property. It's a system of cedar shakes or wooden shingles that are produced from split logs. The roof installation is unique each time, making yours truly one-of-a-kind.

Cedar shake roofs hold up under strong winds and powerful storms, making them virtually indestructible, even in hailstorms! Are you interested in learning more? Our crew of roofing professionals is here to answer your questions. Contact us now!

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Allentown property with cedar shake roofing
contractor installing metal roofing materials in Allentown

Allentown's Top-Notch Metal Roofing Replacements Are #1!

Metal roofing in Allentown is a specialized roof replacement that not all roofing contractors are efficient in. The installation process is different, and the material has to be handled in a specific way to secure a lasting finish. Rest assured, we've gone through the training required, and we have plenty of experience under our construction hats to get it done right!

Get a customized FREE quote for your metal roof repair or replacement in Allentown when you dial our number. We will beat any estimate in town.

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Tile Roofing For a Touch of Sophistication

Repairs and roof replacements are few and far between when you select a tile roofing in Allentown. The construction is rock-solid, and it's also resistant to insect infestation. The roofs we've completed using tile have rarely leaked, and roofing maintenance is minimum for up to 50 years.

Our creative roofers in Allentown will set your structure up in the most attractive way, and your eyes will pop at the results. Start with a no-obligation quote and end with a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE!

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tools for rubber and flat roofing project in Allentown

Rubber & Flat Roofing in Allentown That Performs

Rubber flat roofing in Allentown is an option for homeowners that desire a more customized architecture style to their structure. There are three different types, and we know how to install them all!

  • Built-up roof (BUR)
  • Modified bitumen roof
  • Rubber membrane roof

Each comes with its advantages. The cost of a flat rubber roof in Allentown will depend on the structure's size and the system desired. Start your project by filling out the convenient online form today.

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Roof Coatings - Protection You Don't Want to Leave Out

Have you recently done a roof replacement in Allentown and want to get an added roof coating to protect your investment? You're in luck! We have several choices for rugged roof coatings that are both attractive and efficient.

A coating on your roof not only protects the materials underneath but also makes your home run more efficiently. Think lower utility bills every month and increased comfort. What's there to lose? Find out the options by calling our customer care representatives.

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roof coating applied on structure in Allentown
shadow of roofer doing plastic roofing in Allentown

Plastic Roofing in Allentown is Robust and Cost-Efficient

It seems like everything is made out of plastic, and roofing in Allentown is on the list. The technology that produces plastic roofing materials is exceptionally advanced. It makes it a top-notch alternative to more conventional roofing composites.

There are few repairs needed when your plastic roof can stand strong through all weather conditions. It is ideal for garages, covered porches, sheds, and other outbuildings.

The roofing contractors in Allentown we hire will discuss the shade selections we have with you to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing appearance to your property's exterior.

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Our Allentown Service Areas Are Expanding!

The Allentown Roofers are eager to please as many residential and commercial roofing clients in our local service areas as possible. We're currently serving the cities of Allentown, of course, as well as Fullerton, Bethlehem, Northampton, Middletown, and Emmaus. 

That doesn't mean that's where we're stopping, though. If you're in the vicinity, give us a call. Your town could be the next one we add to our growing list.

Our Allentown Roofers Make Sure You Have a Rock-Solid Roof Above Your Head!

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